Destination Anywhere Inc

Our Fleet

Super Tag aka Super Dump


Destination Anywhere Inc in Tracy offers a modern fleet of Super Tags is designed with our customers in mind. Easy to load, safe for ground paving crews to monitor the load. With high tonnage payload, quick dump cycles, our Super Tag Fleet is highly sought after. 

Double Bottom

Double Bottom Destination Anywhere Our Trucks

Our large fleet of double bottoms is built to maximize productivity. With modern Mack tractors, our double bottom fleet is the safe and reliable transportation of your construction aggregates. 

Ten Wheeler

Ten Wheeler Destination Anywhere Asphalt Concrete

Our 10 Wheeler fleet is versatile, built with strong dump box to haul demo materials, and nimble enough to return with hot asphalt tarped to keep warm. Ten wheeler's are capable of dumping into a hopper or using the ditch gates to patch pave.

Water Truck


Our Water Truck fleet carrying 4500 gallons of water is equipped with a total of (6) sprayers – 3 sprayers in the rear, one side sprayer, two front sprayers, fire hose with nozzle, and a garden hose value.  We are capable of spraying large volume of water, for all your dust control, construction compaction jobs. 

End Dump


Destination Anywhere has one of the largest fleets of End Dumps in Northern San Joaquin Valley. Our End Dump fleet of trailers is equipped with tarps; air operated gates capable of hauling Sand, Gravel, Rip Rap, Demo Materials.  

Close the deal


Our fleet of Transfer Dump Trucks transport asphalt, rock, sand, and gravel from quarries to job sites.  Transfers can carry approximately 26 tons, and with the truck configuration of a transfer, we can dump material in tight small areas..